Technology and Digital Solutions for Healthcare

Smart applications and services that enhance the customer experience

i-Stellar holds efficient technological progression to deliver digital solutions for healthcare providers. Our solutions are developed to meet the industry standards, changes, and technology drifts. Digitalization is becoming a preference more than a necessity, utilization of data and resources to deliver value-based care will catalyze the efficiency of the physician to patient delivery standards. By incorporating cloud computing, data security, big data, mobility, predictive analysis, reporting, etc, we offer a solution that meets the requirements of healthcare providers.

By integrating, patient-generated data and operational structure we can improvise the efficiency of the current care delivery system.

We deliver the below services -

  • Data and Analytics services
  • Ready to use Machine Learning platform
  • IoT services

Transforming FMCG with Smart Solutions

Intelligent applications that enable your business's digital growth

Digitalization is prevalent. E-commerce and digital transformation have affirmatively hit the new spheres of the FMCG Industry. One can seamlessly connect and make sales through E-Commerce platforms by utilizing digitalization positively. This new opportunity needs a consistent IT solution, for data centralization and putting the best outcome. Leveraging the data results in sales growth and efficiency. Our smart applications and services using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions help the FMCG industry in the given areas.

Sales forecasting, logistic management, sentiment analysis, consumer behavior analysis, demand sensing, tracking market trends

We deliver the below services -

  • Web and mobile applications
  • Data and Analytics services
  • Ready to use Machine Learning platform

Smart IoT Solution to Accelerate Business Growth

Cloud-based IoT system with end-to-end software integration to enhance your business

We have substantial experience in developing and building IoT-based solutions with integrated cloud technology. Rather than any other IoT-based solutions, we mostly target on making our solutions more independent with embedding the systems mostly with our microcontrollers and software framework. We build custom frameworks for specific domain necessities, which will showcase the efficiency of hardware and the integrated system.

Our specialization in sensor data analysis and predictions integrated with in-build ML models, helps any industry with specific parameter-based requirements to predict and avoid major incidents in safety and security.

We deliver the below services -

  • Beacon based proximity mapping
  • GPS based tracking and pattern analysis
  • Logistics and SKU management
  • Sensor based data analysis
  • IoT enabled mobile solution

Ecommerce Solution to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Enable your cloud warehouse with advanced technology and intelligence

We integrate smarter technology with an intelligent matrix to make your products reach in front of the customer's spotlight. Advanced systems to compare and find better pricing from your competitors, end-to-end smart logistic tracking, and enabling mobility to give an extra drive to the system.

E-Commerce subscription is getting the heat nowadays. Getting customers into the system with our extended user experience will help to retain and reduce the churn. Our specialized event-based pipeline plans along with prediction models will keep the customers stay longer. You just need to keep running the business, our system will handle the retention

We deliver the below services -

  • Smarted SKU management system
  • ML based price predictions
  • Event pipeline based user tag
  • Logistics tracking system
  • Customized IoT solutions